About breed

Characteristics of the cairn terrier

No one who has owned a Cairn Terrier can deny the fact that this little dog has verve, intelligence, determination and courade.

His character is generally one of trustworthiness and stability. The original Cairn Terrier was a plucky, fearless sort of chap, indifferent to hardship remarkably game, smart, sharp and jolly, so wrote „Badger“ in an 1877 journal.

Hard work and bad weather did not deter him.

He would be ready to tackle animals much bigger,
intrinsically stronger and more ferocious than himself.

The Cairn terrier is a wonderful little dog !

He is cute, is compact in size, has personality-plus and is an active dog.

Some terriers, like the Cairn, are `below the knee` in height, buti n spite of their size, all terriers are masculine dogs and do not show any sign of timidity or shyness. These are busy dogs, on their toes and ready for action !

If you are looking for a sedentary lap dog, this will not be the breed for you

The Cairn has a very steady dispodition and fitd in well with family life, whether it be in a large country house or a small flat in the city.

He gets along well with children and will accept strangers once he has had a chance to look them over.

The Cairn terrier is a versatile dog and a great house dog ans companion. If you like to work with your dog, you will find the Cairn to be a happy and willing participant in whatever area you choose, be it obedience work, agility, therapy, flyball or, of course, best of all, going-toground activities.

This is a smart little dog that likes to please, to keep busy and to be challenged.

The Cairn is a smart little dog that likes to please. Because of his intelligence, it is best to establish early on who is the head of the household.

Give him any job that requires a bit of brain activity on his part and he will be a happy camper.

This is a breed that thrives on human companionship, and should not be left on its own for long periods. He will greet you enthusiastically, even if you have only been away for a short time.

If you plan to become a Cairn terrier owner you should be awere that this is a breed that will require some grooming. Grooming will be more extensive than with a smooth-coated dog but far less detailed work than with either a Scottish or Bedlington Terrier.

Cairn Terriers are very healthy dogs, as are most terriers. However, there are health problems in most breeds of dogs and the Cairn Terrier is no exception. The potential and new owner should be aware of these problems. Do remember to buy your puppy from a reputable breeder and ask the breeder if any of these health problems are in her line.

Taking care of a Cairn Terrier

Weekly Duties

ut your dog high, for example, on the table, in order there is no need for you to bend. Check dog‘s coat, brush and comb it, check the teeth, body, paws and nails. Even though Cairn Terriers do not shed and you do not have to bathe them often, nevertheless, you have to take care of them. You have to trim them. Trimming is very important as together with the worn hair you will remove dirt and sebum. If your pet gets dirty (it will definitely happen), you have to bathe it in +35˚ C water. When your dog gets extremely dirty, dog shampoo will help.

Coat trimming

When Cairn Terriers lived in wild, they would trim their coats themselves by running in bushes and narrow mountain passes. However, since nowadays dogs do not have this opportunity, people have to take care of dogs’ lifeless hair. You should know that trimming does not cause any suffer and is absolutely painless for your pet. You should trim carefully with the tips of your two fingers or use special comb.

If your Cairn Terrier participates in Dog Shows, you have to trim its coat every six eight weeks. If you do not, you can trim it just twice a year. Of course, you can trust that to a professional; however, you as the owner would definitely value this skill too.