If you decide to buy cairn terrier from our littery, he will be:

  • not younger than 8 weeks old,
  • with dog passport and pedegree documents,
  • dehelmetized and vacinated according to his age,
  • with tattoo or microchip,
  • socialized - grows amoung other family members.

There are several important questions to ask yourself before making such important decision as buying the cairn terrier:

  1. Will you be a carring owner, ready to spend a lof ot time and money for puppy care? Cairn terrier - lively and inteligent animal, a bowl of food and water is not enough for him.
  2. Are you ready to educate and train your puppy? Cairn terrier can live without long walks, but at least once a week he needs hard excercise.
  3. Ar you willing to be friends with your puppy for a 12 - 15 years? Cairn terrier needs his master love and friendship.
  4. Is your way of living allows you to have a dog? Find out if owner of the flat or house doesn't mind you having a dog, if you rent the place.
  5. Will your puppy have his own place to sleep? Allowing him to sleep in your bed isn't a good idea.
  6. How will you spend vacations? If you will be able to taka cairn terrier with you - perfect, but if not, you will have to ask your friends or family for help. Do you trust them? There are, of course, dog hotels, but there are only several in Lithuania, and they are quite expensive.
  7. You do not have to buy puppy, only because your kids want this. It is natural, they want puppy, bet they aren able to take all responsibility of taking care of it. Yes, they will love him, hi will become their best friend, but only parents are responsible for this decision. Grown ups must also want to have puppy, they must be ready psychologically, physically and financially to take care to the rest of his life.

If you will buy puppy at our littery, we will ready to answer your questions 24/7.